Here is what participants are saying about Jenings Myfascial Release

As a trainer, you have a gift. To be able to instruct so many different learning curves, and personalities takes skill. You have the ability to reach each person on their terms. Thank you! Sincerely, Shaunna Leclair, RMT

Simply the most effective and in-expensive workshop I have ever taken. Fantastic. -- C.S, Camrose

This training brings dramatic and lasting results you and your clients will love. Gain tremendous personal insight and strength with the most empowering work I have ever discovered. Isnt it time to get a bigger toolbox full of effective techniques? Reap the rewards of investing in you. -- MT

"Business is booming, nearly 20 people have taken the 10 sessions, all with amazing results. Each have given me praise and thanks for the change in their lives." -- M. Awde

A course is often only as good as the teacher. Thank you for opening my mind to this vastly interesting body of work in a comprehensible way. -- Kim Gautreau, MT

I found the teaching atmosphere relaxing. As a result of Barrys course I want to learn more about FM. The workshop was like discovering a missing piece of a puzzle. Thanks so much. -- Karen Surtees, MT Regina

Excellent, Liked the focus on hands-on rather than typical long lecture type workshops like I get with the other seminar programs -- Penny, PT, Parry Sound

Some wonderful and valuable info for a wide variety of clients. Barry teaches easy simple techniques that make a significant affect. -- Rachel Newman, MT, Minnesota

Go to the Top. Be the best and help so many more in your clinic. -- L. Roxon PT

I felt the workshop was a great way to start my career as a massage therapist. Barry is an excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable with a great personality making him very easy and fun to work with. Thanks. -- Abby RMT, Canada

I really enjoyed participating in the Structural Integration course for the knowledge I obtained and the direction it has sent me. It has guided me to become a more effective therapist. -- Toronto Masters Series Participant.

Many thanks for a great in depth course. Im looking forward to taking my practice to the next level. I enjoyed all of it. -- PB Minniapolis

II felt this course gave me great insight of better results to come with my patients. It gave me more energy to continue as a massage therapist. -- Michelle Michigan

Thanks for getting back to me Barry about my client, I truly appreciate it. You have been a great positive influence on my life and I am eternally grateful. -- Denny, Calgary Masters Series, Canada

Thank you for such an AWSOME course! The Myofascial Masters Series has been the most motivating program I have taken in my 12 years of practice. When I first signed up for your course, I wasnt prepared for such a life and career changing experience. Personally, the changes I have experienced with the work have been astounding. My posture has improved, Im less tired and worn out after a full day pf massage, and I feel better. (I didnt even realize how out of alignment I was).

From a professional perspective, my clients are experiencing the same tremendous results. They are finding relief from pain, and results are lasting longer. To see the body immediately shift back into alignment over the past 10 sessions is incredible.

I got my moneys worth in the FIRST weekend of the Masters Series and there were still three more weekends! State College, PA

I am excited at the prospect of being a therapist in my area with a specialty that nobody else has. It has renewed my energy and enthusiasm for my profession... I give the course five stars.-- Christina Kish

The Masters Series Training has enabled me to view the body more "globally". My clients say they have never had a therapist approach and treat their pain with such success. -- Cynthia Wood

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