Visceral MFR Workshop Description

This is a brand new one-day visceral manipulation workshop focusing on treating the viscera (abdominal organs) taught by Barry Jenings, Osteopath. Visceral dysfunction and treatment can be complex and intimidating. Jenings simplifies the process making it practical and useful. Visceral Manipulation has its roots in the medicinal cultures of Europe and Asia since prerecorded times.

Visceral manipulation is a safe and effective form of manual therapy which locates and releases lines of strain and adhesions in the connective tissues surrounding the internal organs.

Here is what participants are saying about Jenings Visceral Workshops:

"the following day after Jenings Visceral Workshop my body felt elongated, lean and strong. The sense of well being was powerful."
" ...really great techniques that were clearly explained and demonstrated. Can't wait to try these techniques in my practice tomorrow."

Why would I want to learn Visceral Manipulation

  • very beneficial to patients suffering and NOT getting help from mainstream medicine
  • visceral manipulation gives you another form of treatment you can offer your patients or people they know
  • see an increase in REFERALLS to your clinic because you know visceral manipulation. See article at bottom of page.

What is Visceral Fascia?

Viscera are the organs and supporting fascia tissue of the human body that lie within the abdominal area. The viscera tissue or organs that I most commonly treat using visceral manipulation are the liver, small and large intestines, bladder and the diaphragm.

"Really enjoyed the Viscera course. Barry you are very talented with your techniques BUT you are even better at teaching! You are funny and interesting to listen to."

"I will definitely refer you other RMT's."

What is Visceral Myofascial Manipulation

Treatment consists of applying gentle manual pressure to encourage any adhesions and restrictions to soften/relax. This helps to achieve normal mobility, tone and motion of the organs and their surrounding tissues. These manipulations can improve the structural integrity of the body and functioning of the organs which may have been compromised by accidents, illness, stress or other forms of trauma.

Inherent Motion of The Abdominal Organ

When first studying visceral manipulation I found it fascinating that all the organs of the body had a specific way of innate movement. Yeah I figured out about how the bowels moved pretty early on in life!, but what was so perplexing was that each organ in the body had motion.

Cool Fact: the liver moves approximately 800 feet per day. In fact all the organs move.

History of Visceral Manipulation

One of the first printed publications of viscera fascia came from B. Bern Gallaudet "The Planes of Fascia of The Human Body" 1931, Columbia University Press. Much research has occurred on visceral release. Much thanks should go to the research and practitioners throughout the world who have invested their entire careers in studying viscera and visceral dysfunction. Visceral Manipulation therapy is enjoying a resurgence in popularity due to its high level of effectiveness in treating pain and structural dysfunctions.

Our Visceral Myofascial Workshops

We are hosting our one day myofascial release workshops beginning in late August. Our first course will be held in beautiful Niagara on the Lake, Canada. This one day workshop will highlight the role and effectiveness of visceral release in your practice.

Like all our other workshops our courses are 95% hands-on rather than long, lengthy and frankly boring lecture style seminars. You are going to learn effective techniques for the:

  • Liver
  • Duodenum
  • Pylorus
  • Large colon
  • Bladder
  • Plus more!

What are participants saying about Jenings Workshops:

I found the teaching atmosphere relaxing. As a result of Barrys course I want to learn more about treating fascia. The workshop was like discovering a missing piece of a puzzle. Thanks so much. - Karen Surtees, MT Regina, Canada

Visceral Manipulation Why Every Massage Therapist and Physiotherapist Should Use this Skill

As a trained Massage Therapist or Physiotherapist you have a variety of treatment methods up your sleeve. One of these that you might not use often is visceral myofascial manipulation. There are several benefits for using this type of myofascial treatment one your patients. If Visceral Myofascial Release method  is new to you, there are many reasons why learning Myofascial Release could benefit you and your practice.

If you are not familiar with Myofascial Release, it simply is used to help gain back the normal movement and motion of the bodys organs. This typically is used after a serious accident such as a fall. One of the main reasons that massage therapists and physiotherapists could benefit from learning visceral  myofascial manipulation is because it is becoming popular among patients who want a natural cure for their injuries. There are so many more people these days who prefer not to use drugs of any sort after an accident, regardless of how serious it is. They just prefer not to be on medication. Visceral Myofascial Release is a great alternative to medication because it helps the organs gain back their natural movement. One of the ways this works is because it eases the stress in a patients body.

In addition to working on patients after an injury, visceral manipulation also has other uses, which is why more and more therapists are learning how to perform this method. One of the uses that patients have for this manipulation is a natural mood elevator. This is because the body releases seratonin during the treatment. Since stress is such a huge problem in todays world, many people are looking for natural ways to cure stress. By offering this treatment at your practice, you in turn are making yourself available to a wider customer base. Not only does this help ease stress, visceral manipulation also helps aid indigestion and helps relieve headaches and migraines. Since there are so many different uses for this one treatment method, it really makes sense to implement it in your massage or physiotherapy practice. You only would be holding back the advancement of your career by not including it. Just think of all the ways you would be able to advertise your business just with one additional treatment method.

If you are not using this method in your practice, you should consider learning it so you will be able to expand your treatment options for your patients.

Dont miss this opportunity to increase your skills in visceral release treatment.

Workshop Locations see Myofascial Release Workshop Schedule.

What you will learn:

  1. New perspective in treating injuries/pain
  2. Fascial anatomy & physiology
  3. Effective techniques to add to your practice
  4. The ability to sense and feel the fascia
  5. Building confidence in treating fascial restrictions
  6. Myofascial Release Theory and CIs
  7. How to implement these techniques immediately into your practice.

Register early and Save $100 call us at 888. 502. 0222

Get valuable info such as:

  • How car accidents can traumatize viscera and what to look for with your patients and their symptoms 
  • How chronic recurring thoracic/lumbar pain can really be visceral dysfunction
  • How to easily locate and treat the viscera
  • and more!

Quick Facts:

CEU: 7 hours of training
COST: Early Bird Special is $199  regular cost is 300 so call early and Save $100
Time: 10am to 5pm
Locations: Click Myofascial Release Workshop Schedule.

Excellent, Liked the focus on hands-on rather than typical long lecture type workshops like I get with other seminar programs." - Penny, PT, Parry Sound, Ontario

Included in the workshop you will receive:

  • An effective, easy to use techniques which will make a difference for your client/patients and your practice
  • A functional and practical reference manual with full instruction and illustrations of the techniques
  • A professional looking high quality full colour certificate showing continuing education credits earned
  • How to use these techniques immediately into your practice

Jenings courses are fun, motivating and effective. If you are interested in helping clients suffering from visceral concerns and want to begin your studies with this incredible training then come out to the workshop.

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