Introduction to Structural Integration

We know now that fascia if injured can shorten and thicken becoming hard like bone and can restrict movement in the whole body. Proper treatment specifically designed to treat the fascia called Myofascial Release or Fascia Manipulation can restore it making it soft, pliable allowing for easy movement, increased strength and improved respiration.

Structural Integration (SI for short) was developed specifically to treat fascia. SI is a step-by-step treatment protocol or system encompassing ten -1 hour treatments/sessions. Each of these sessions (1-10) is unique and builds upon each other.  By releasing this tight fascia the client's posture dramatically improves.

Its success rate is well over 90%.

In this one-day introductory workshop participants will learn key features and techniques used in Session One.

You will learn techniques for:

  • Clavicle-pectoral fascia
  • Costal arch and general rib fascia
  • Diaphragm release
  • Axial and floating ribs
  • Superficial leg fascia
  • Superficial fascia overlying the posterior spine especially lamina groove
  • Sacrum
  • General cervical fascia
  • And more

This is a fantastic way to experience this unique 10-session SI protocol and to decide if you are interested in learning all 10 Session in our advanced training called The Masters Series.

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