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Introduction to Myofascial Release Therapy

Therapists today are always on the lookout for new and better techniques for treating their patients' chronic pain disorders. For those treating soft tissue ailments, the field of myofasical release therapy holds a lot of promise. Though this technique has been around and practiced in different forms since the 1920's, information is still relatively limited. For practitioners hoping to hone their skills and increase their understanding of this therapy technique there are some instructional books and DVDs available. Because many patients may have never heard of this treatment option, there are also tools that can help your existing patients to understand the value of the treatment and to get new patients to use your services.

For the millions of chronic soft tissue pain sufferers, it can seem like there is no help in sight to end their discomfort. Myofasical release therapy offers a light at the end of that pain tunnel for many patients. Our products for therapy professionals offer instruction and insight into how to get the most out of this therapy technique for your patients. With instructional DVDs that outline therapy methods for different areas, such as the cervical and lumbar regions, everything that you need to know in order to improve your technique is available. We also offer books that outline how best to market this therapy technique within your practice.

Overcoming Patient Concerns

Patients are often fearful or hesitant about unfamiliar or different treatment options for their pain. Although they seek relief, they may be naturally cautious and skeptical of a treatment that they have never heard of before. This is especially true in patients who have tried everything with no results. If your patients are unfamiliar with myofasical release and what it can do for them, getting them to understand and agree to try treatment can be the hardest part of administering this treatment. Our publication can help shed some light on how best to market this option to your patients, so that you can get them on the road to recovery today.

Jenings helps you Improve your Myofascial Release Practice

No matter the size of your practice, this therapy option can greatly benefit your practice and eventually lead to an increase in your patient referrals. Our materials on myofasical release therapy can help make you an expert in this treatment option in short order. Whether you are interested in the therapy techniques or just in how to market them, these instructional books and DVDs can only stand to improve your practice.

This workshop is designed for those who want to:

  • Build and keep a successful clinic
  • Avoid burn out that ruins your health and your business
  • Earn more for you and your family without working more hours!

Competition is fierce and you love your career but how do you stay afloat? Well teach you the secrets of the most successful clinics in Canada.

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Phone contact: How to win over prospective clients in 60 seconds!
  • Advertising Do's and Don'ts-Save thousands per year
  • Negotiations for the Timid: How to get great deals on rent
  • Marketing Yourself-Easy steps that work
  • Specializing in Niche Markets
  • Self Preservation-Hiring a Personal Mentor to save your sanity

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