The Masters Series: Structural Integration & Myofascial Release Certification

London 2015
Module 1 September 18-20,Module 2 October 16-18,Module 3 November 13-15,Module 4 December 11-13


Note: modules must be taken in order.

Barry Jenings in actionRegister soon to guarantee your spot in our intensive, one-of-a-kind Masters Series training seminars.  A certification in Myofascial Release gives you the opportunity to offer your clients a highly effective, unique form of treatment ... and dramatically increase your earning potential!

Our Masters Series seminars are the only ones of their kind in Canada. In the four 3-day segments, you will receive exclusive, extensive instruction on:

  • Implementing structural release techniques (based on the work of Ida Rolf and other authors) to re-align poor posture in 10 treatments
  • Using visceral release to improve organ health and reduce pain
  • Transforming bad posture habits through integrated movement awareness (homecare remedial exercises)
  • as well as an introduction to the fantastic work of Osteopathy.

Classes are small and the training is effective.  Many therapists have reported a significant increase in income from being able to offer a highly specialized, highly successful treatment option; and offering such a one-of-a-kind service can lead to a dramatic increase in referrals to your clinic.  Our Masters Series often pays for itself in a few short months!

Each segment must be taken in sequence to ensure maximum results. Completion leads to a Certification in Structural Integration and Advanced Myofascial Release!

"The Masters Series" - Why Choose this Certification?


Barry Jenings in actionCertified Structural Integration & Advanced Myofascial Release Training

Obtaining certification in structural integration and advanced myofascial release is a great way to help your clients and expand your practice in the process. As a highly specialized technique, myofascial release is one of the most effective ways to get rid of chronic pain for your clients.

Without being overly straining on you, myofascial release gives your clients the results they want. This helps tremendously with your referrals but, more than that, it gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are among some of the most competent therapists around.

Benefits of becoming a Certified Structural Integration & Advanced Myofascial Release Practitioner

Barry Jenings in ActionBecoming certified in structural integration and advanced myofascial release brings you many benefits.

  • Certification sets you apart as a highly qualified and skilled professional unlike some health practitioners who may only dabble with theory and techniques of myofascial release.
  • Certification demonstrates that you have expertise in myofascial release and are specifically trained in this therapy.
  • Refining your skills and developing them properly through certification goes a long way in making your work both more efficient and effective even if you are already using some of the principles of myofascial release in your practice.
  • Certification puts your clients at ease. Knowing that you are specifically trained in this particular work allows them to relax more fully as they can trust your training and judgment when it comes to their treatment.
  • Finally, certification can draw in new clients as you have yet another skill that you can offer.

In my experience of over 20 years, I realized that the more training a practitioner has, the more likely they will be able to run a successful business. These days, customers are more savvy than ever before. They are knowledgeable about what sorts of techniques are available and, quite often, look for a practitioner with specific qualifications. By obtaining certification, you will be able to use your education in order to help relieve pain in your clients while minimizing the stress on you.

Finally, in my personal experience, certification helps to save your own body by allowing you to work more efficiently, allowing you to enjoy your career, your health and the rewards of a successful practice.

Q: What is the difference between The Masters Series training and the basic one or two day Fascia workshops?

In our one day workshops we teach myofascial techniques for that specific region. For example the Shoulder workshops teaches myofascial techniques for all the shoulder muscles.

The Masters Series teaches a System of 10 Sessions to realign the posture called Structural Integration SI. This work is based on the groundbreaking work of Ida Rolf and others.

The Masters Series teaches all the fascia techniques plus Structural Integration (10 sessions), Muscle Energy, Positional Release, Strain Counter Strain, Visceral Manipulation.

Q: If I took all the one-day basic workshops you provide wont I get same results as The Masters Series training?

Answer- no
The one-day workshops (cervical for example) are excellent and treat the common injuries found in that specific area. The basic one days are meant to treat the fascia locally to that region (such as Suboccipital fascia in the cervical workshop)

The Masters Series teaches the 10 Session System SI to realign the posture.  We use advanced fascia techniques to accomplish this.
Structural Integration SI is a global approach to pain and injuries.

The problem is that often the cause of fascia dysfunction is some place else in the body and WE WANT TO FIND IT! That is where Structural Integration plays a vital role

The Masters Series Graduate Program teaches Structural Integration

The Masters Series training will teach you how to apply a 10 step by step treatment plan to re align the dysfunction in clients posture.  This 10 1-hour session is a system of bodywork is called Structural Integration.

The 10 Session format called Structural Integration is separated into the below 1 hour session performed once per week or two.

1.    Respiration- incl diaphragm
2.    Feet fascia
3.    Lateral Facial Binding
4.    Adductors
5.    Psoas
6.    Lumbar
7.    TMJ
8.    Lower structure pelvis
9.    Upper structures spine
10 Connection sequence

Barry Jenings in ActionHere is what our students are saying

"This training brings dramatic and lasting results you and your clients will love. Gain tremendous personal insight and strength with the most empowering work I have ever discovered. Isnt it time to get a bigger toolbox full of effective techniques? Reap the rewards of investing in you." - MT

"Thank you for such an AWESOME course! The Myofascial Masters Series has been the most motivating program I have taken in my 12 years of practice. When I first signed up for your course, I wasnt prepared for such a life and career changing experience. Personally, the changes I have experienced with the work have been astounding. My posture has improved, Im less tired and worn out after a full day pf massage, and I feel better. (I didnt even realize how out of alignment I was)."

"From a professional perspective, my clients are experiencing the same tremendous results. They are finding relief from pain, and results are lasting longer. To see the body immediately shift back into alignment over the past 10 sessions is incredible."

"I got my moneys' worth in the FIRST weekend of the Masters Series and there were still three more weekends!" State College, PA

Click here for some rave reviews from past participants.

Space is limited - call now at 1-888-502-0222 or contact us or a detailed syllabus or to register for our spring session!

Registration Fee and Cancellation Policy for Masters Series Training

Registration/Tuition for Masters Series Training includes a $1,500 non-refundable deposit due upon signing up for training. The remaining tuition fees are due before start of each Masters Training.

Enrolment is limited. Fee includes workbook and materials, seminar instruction, hands-on workshop training, and seminar certificate.

Email or phone call confirmation will be sent after payment is received in our office. Cancelling your participation in training for whatever reason less than 48 days before the seminar will result in the refund of your tuition minus the non refundable deposit. We reserve the right to cancel any seminar, in which case the tuition fee will be returned in full. Jenings Seminars is not responsible for any travel related expenses.

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