"Host a Myofascial Release Workshop" in your hometown?

Tired of always travelling to a workshop?

The costs of hotels, gas/flights, meals and time away and is staggering!

A two day workshop could easily cost thousands and be extremely stressful!


Why not bring our Myofascial Release workshops to YOUR town instead!

Our "Host a Workshop Program" is easy.

Here is all you need to "Host a Myofascial Release Workshop":

1. Just help find us a minimum 8-10 participants

2. Give us some suggestions on possible location to hold the Myofascial Release workshop such as a Hotel or other venue

3. Support us to Promote/Advertise the Myofascial Release  workshop to practioners in your hometown.

And Best of all...

It won't cost you anything - just a abit of your time! - and it is an easy to way boost your professional reputation and increase awareness of your practice throughout your community too.

If you're interested in discussing this opportunity in Myofascial Release training with us, please contact us.

"Host a Workshop" has been held in: Toronto, Calgary, State College PA,, Minneapolis MI, Detroit Mi, Owen Sound, Barrie, Thunder Bay, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnepeg, Edmonton, Quakertown PA, Maddison WI,  to name a few!

"Host a Workshop" testimonials:

"Simply the most effective and in-expensive workshop I have ever taken. Fantastic". - C.S, Camrose

"Many thanks for a great in depth course. Im looking forward to taking my practice to the next level. I enjoyed all of it".

"I felt the workshop was a great way to start my career as a massage therapist. Barry is an excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable with a great personality making him very easy and fun to work with". Thanks Abby RMT, Canada

"What a great experience. The jenings group is so fun and easy to work with. The "Host a Workshop" was a huge hit in  my hometown.Thanks guys", PT

Interested in finding out more on how to Host a Workshop?: Contact Us...

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