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Jenings Myofascial Release Workshops

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Increase Your Success by Adding Myofascial Release Techniques

Fascia gives our bodies their structural shape and surrounds our muscles, organs and bones. By releasing fascial restrictions, therapists can alleviate deep-seated pain caused by motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries and repetitive strain.

Myofascial Release can also dramatically improve posture. The history of this work dates back to Dr. Ida Rolf and has evolved and been adapted to allow therapists to use it in a clinical setting.

Our Goals for You

As teachers in Myofascial Release we are committed to helping our collegues to further increase their treatment success using Myofascial Release therapy. We offer high-quality, affordable workshops in Myofascial Release.

Our Myofascial Release workshops are taught in a relaxed atmosphere and class sizes are small unlike most of our competitiors.

In a class with hundreds of students the quality of education is minimal. It is simply a money grab with little consideration to helping you achieve maximum learning and confidence in performing the techniques.

Our class sizes are less than 40 participants, usually 14-20. Most also include 1-2 co-assistants along with the advanced trainer. The Masters Series classes are limited to eight participants.

If small class size and affordable training in Myofascial Release is of interest to you then check out our Myofascial Release training and experience great techniques that get the reults you want for your clients.

Our courses are 95% hands-on manual therapy demonstration and practice.

Participants are encouraged to follow their intuition when using Myofascial Release. Emphasis is placed on helping participants trust themselves and feel the fluid nature of fascia.

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