5 Tips to Surviving a Slowdown


Slow downs or Slumps happen to each and every business including us in the Holistic field. Every business goes into a slump. No exceptions.

To correct myself there maybe one business that never has a slowdown…. funeral parlors but that’s it!

In some cases a recession can be blamed or time of year (seasonal) but often there seems no real culprit.  

As a practitioner for nearly 25 years I have experienced this and have learned a few helpful tips that I would like to share with you. Some of tips are incredible simple and cost no money. Others require more time and funding.

1. Improve your skills

Invest in your skills whether it is techniques (hint hint) or other skill sets. For example: Take a public speaking course so you feel more confident telling others about your great service or product.  Most successful people would say that their ability to talk, even informally was a great key to their success.

Of course the better your hands on skills the higher fee your fee you can charge. As well, if no one has your particular specialty like cranial, Structural Integration it can improve client/customer loyalty. As Jason Milner of Wortley Wellness Centre in London stated  be better  that’s how to got a leg up on the competition.

Lowering your fees is not the long-term answer and may rebound as clients will only come to see you if there is a discount.

2. Network

I call it  The “Group of Four” -one DC, one RMT one Pt and one other allied health care provider such as Acupuncturist.  Because we all have specialties and no one can do it all it makes sense to support others.

In her successful book  “Business Mastery”  Cherie Sohnen-Moe goes into details on how to work with and reap the rewards from a good network. After your  Group of Four  have built rapport you can do lunch and talk about your slow down.  The other three can help you by referring a few more clients/patients. And vice versa. Another great business book is Don Dillon’s  “Massage Therapist Practice”

3. Reorganize your clinic space-

Feng Shui experts believe that by moving a certain number of items in your clinic or clinic room it improves the energy. By improving the positive energy it attracts more business. While I have no way to prove this other than my own positive experience. Try it its free.

4. Personal Self-Management -Take care of yourself/do something for yourself

We have all heard the adage like attracts like. Far from New Age hocus pocus I personally have been amazed that on days I feel great and confident business knocks at the door. The opposite is true unfortunately. So check yourself out. What small action you can do that will make you feel, look or be happier and healthier.  From an extra glass of water to a daily walk around the block. Get yourself some flowers and know that slumps come and go. And everyone has them believe it or not!

5. The dreaded call backs

Yup time to get out of your comfort zone and make those calls. By the way not eating or paying the rent is way more uncomfortable. So compile a list of those clients/patients you have not seen for a while and jump on the phone. Set up a reasonable goal to make a certain number of calls. And tell someone about your goal and have them ask you at the end of the week how you did.

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