The Psoas Book - Book Review

The Psoas Book was written by Liz Koch and first published in 1981. Liz has been practicing the healing arts of over 30 years.  She has authored several books relating to core health, and specialized in body treatments with focus on the iliopsoas muscle.  Liz has also developed a program called Core Awareness, which with using core muscle techniques, develops and enhances the proprioceptive nervous system.  This system handles orientation, balance and skeletal alignment. It is believed that the iliopsoas muscle can contribute to physical health as well as emotional well-being.  Lizs 85 pages provide a thorough explanation of the muscle, its connections to ones holistic health, and practice advice and exercise to release and balance the psoas.  The Psoas Book is only one of multiple books, articles and publications that are geared towards improving health and re-balancing the body through a holistic approach centered at ones core.

Ms. Koch begins The Psoas Book by identifying the exact location and anatomy of the psoas muscle as well as defining its overall relationship and influence on the bodys organs, bones and muscles.  She continues with describing all the diverse functionality the psoas muscle provides to the body, such as shelving organs, pumping fluids, and allowing for proper and smooth performance of the legs.

Additional effects of the psoas are explained, including its influence on balance, organ function, the breath, joint functionality and muscle response.  Ms. Koch pays special notice to the unique considerations of psoas release as it relates to womens health, including relief menstrual cramping, positive effects during pregnancy, improving labor and birth, as well as hormonal stability throughout menopause.

Manipulative techniques are not advised in The Psoas Book, as the iliopsoas muscle is partly responsible for the bodys automatic and biological fight or flight response. Most practitioners would question this however she does completes her book with providing instructions on best exercises to release the psoas muscle, recounts some other popular somatic approaches, and tips on how to exercise, strengthen and tone the muscle while performing regular activities.

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