Anatomy Trains - Book Review

Anatomy Trains:  Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists was written by Thomas W. Myers, and first published in 2001.  A second addition was released in 2009.

W. Myers has studied with Dr. Ida Rolf, Dr. Feldenkrais and Dr. Buckminster Fuller and has practiced manual therapeutic techniques for over 30 years all over the world. Currently, Mr. Myers is the director of Kinesis, a company which provides professional certifications in touch therapy and continued licensure education. Mr. Myers guide for movement therapists, called Anatomy Trains, provides insight and heights understanding of the muscular-skeletal system, and describes and connects its relationship to techniques in movement, integrative medicine, and body work.  The concept, which was developed Myers, links muscles with the fascial network in the body.  This insight provides a more holistic approach to soft tissue manipulation and management in the prevention and treatment of connective tissue related disorders.

Fascial networking develops during an embryos second week.  Bones, organs and muscles also develop at the same time.  During the rest of the embryos development, the entire webbing is solidified and unified, creating a single myofascial network.  After birth, injuries, age, accidents or poor nutrition can all cause damage to the network, displaying as a variety of disorders or ailments in the body.

Anatomy Trains provides healers with a holistic view and map of the network in order to enable them to develop and design an individualized treatment approach for their clients.

Anatomy Trains provides readers with the latest findings in fascial research, four color pictures and illustrations of dissected myofascial meridians, as well as comparisons with acupuncture meridians.

The overall concept in myofasical meridian anatomy is to trace the muscle and fascia grains and lines while searching for straps, slings and tensional lines which extend further than a solitary muscle.

The body work analysis provided in the book helps the practitioner to identify where specific strains to muscles or instability in muscle foundation occurs throughout the body.  An interactive instructional DVD is also included in the latest version of Myers book.

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