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Anatomy Trains - Book Review

Anatomy Trains:  Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists was written by Thomas W. Myers, and first published in 2001.  A second addition was released in 2009.

W. Myers has studied with Dr. Ida Rolf, Dr. Feldenkrais and Dr. Buckminster Fuller and has practiced manual therapeutic techniques for over 30 years all over the world. Currently, Mr. Myers is the director of Kinesis, a company which provides professional certifications in touch therapy and continued licensure education.

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Positional Release Techniques - Book Review

Positional Release Techniques was written by Leon Chaitow, with the latest release (3rd) being published in 2007.  It contains 271 pages for those professionals in allied health fields that specialize in soft tissue techniques used in musculoskeletal issues.

In addition to this book, Leon Chaitow has written numerous works regarding neuromuscular techniques, trigger point therapies, breathing pattern disorders and muscle energy techniques.

Chaitow is an osteopath, and in this latest edition, has included other writings from other physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths.

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The Psoas Book - Book Review

The Psoas Book was written by Liz Koch and first published in 1981. Liz has been practicing the healing arts of over 30 years.  She has authored several books relating to core health, and specialized in body treatments with focus on the iliopsoas muscle.  Liz has also developed a program called Core Awareness, which with using core muscle techniques, develops and enhances the proprioceptive nervous system.  This system handles orientation, balance and skeletal alignment.

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Treating Visceral Dysfunction:  An Osteopathic Approach to Understanding and Treating the Abdominal Organs was written by G. Finet, D.O. and C. Williame, D.O. published in 1992.   Doctors of Osteopathy, Finet and Williame both use physical and manual treatment interventions in a holistic approach to treatment and prevention of illness and disease.

This book has received multiple positive reviews and has been identified as a guidebook containing specific and well researched techniques and illustrations that offers practitioners proven successful approaches to the treatment of abdominal viscera dysfunction.

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