Free Technique Sample #5

Superficial Thracic Lumbar Fascia - Prone

Myofascial Release Technique

Purpose: This is a general opening technique to prepare the structures for deeper techniques.

Positioning: The patient is prone, with their arms beside them on the table.

With your elbow, hook the mid traps and begin to move the tissue posteriorly to its more normal, neutral anatomical position. Moving inferiorly, begin to take this fascia down the spine towards the sacrum. Be careful not to run over the spinous processes.

2) Repeat this three times, moving medially with each stroke. When you reach the lower back, you can move laterally along the superior posterior ilium and gluteus medius areas. You can get great results with this. Work each side separately.

If this area is very tight, have your patient do a pelvic tilt or tell them to tuck in their tailbone slowly. Keep the technique and movement slow and small.

2) On the side that is being worked, ask your client to reach that arm over their head, keeping the arm straight and horizontal.

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