Free Marketing Technique

How to Market yourself in the Yellow PagesTM

Based on 20 years of experience using the yellow page advertising, the one and only rule is this. Go large or stay home. If you decide that this form of media is for you then you better make sure you are one of, if not the largest, ad. Forget color. Go for size because size matters! Another point is if you do not have a business name yet; try to be near the first of the listing. For example, one of my clinics was called Advanced Wellness Centre. We ran not only large ads but also ranked first because of the name. In the yellow pages it is all about positioning.

Next, you need to keep track of how well you ad is producing. On my case history I have a section on "how did you find out about the clinic" Maybe it was NOT the yellow pages but word of mouth or other referrals. In that case next year you could consider reducing your Yellow page costs. You really need to find out where your clients are coming from and focus on that supply chain.

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