Free Technique Sample #4

Floating 12th Rib: sidelying

Myofascial Release Technique

Purpose: Releasing the 12th rib helps give mobility to this bony landmark.



Your client is again lying on their side.


In some cases the rib can be pulled down into the ilium. To find this structure the whole area must be relaxed and supple. It is often easier to locate the 12th rib by first moving off the rim of the ilium and slowly proceeding down into the superior attachments of the QL.

Once you have located the 12th rib, using one or two fingers, glide along the bone in very small gentle strokes. The technique is a small cleaning off the bone. Do not press straight down on the rib, as if you are pressing it into the body or trying to bend or flex it. Repeat on the other side.


Have your patient gently reach with their arm or breath into the area you are working.

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