Cervical Myofascial Release - DVD

cervical_dvd2Myofascial Release for the Cervical Region DVD by Barry Jenings is easy to understand and practical. The techniques on this DVD will help you increase your success as a therapist and save your body too.

Quick Information:


  • DVD running time is 45 minutes
  • Learn both direct and indirect Myofascial Release.

Techniques for:

  • Superfiscial release of paraspinals and general posterior fascia
  • Levator scapula
  • Lateral neck fascia
  • Suboccipital, temporalis & general scalp fascia
  • Trapezius & levator scapula with patient in sidelying position
  • Release of attachments of clavical
  • Subclavian fascia
  • Indirect  cervical fascia release
  • indirect upper shoulder bilateral patient is supine
  • Sternum fascial attachment release (direct)
  • Static (indirect) bilateral lower ribs
  • Direct costal margin and intercostal release
  • Lower pecs release
  • Supine release of trapezius
  • Scalanes direct fascia release
  • Attachments of sternal notch
  • Mandible & Tmj techniques
  • Advanced seated release of scalanes and trapezius

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