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Barry Jenings not only provides instruction in myofascial release, he has been a patient of his own techniques as well. His form is unique and backing up the workshops he teaches and the products he sells is 20+ years of experience.

Before he was an instructor, he was first a massage therapist. To date, Jenings has already taught thousands of students across the globe, yet he continues to learn himself so he can pass on as much information to others and help his own patients.

Jenings has long been fascinated by the way that the fascia affects the function, health, and pathology of the human body. He has developed a variety of extremely effective techniques based on years of practice and education that work to release constricted fascia to eliminate pain and get postural distortions realigned.

Behind the myofascial release techniques that Barry Jenings teaches is an extensive education. While he had already been practicing myofascial release, his entire method of practice was changed by his studies on the theories of Ida Rolf while under the tutelage of Dr. Michael Shea. It was during this time of learning that he learned the 10-session formula he continues to use successfully. Jenings also is an Osteopathic Intern and studied under Dr. Steve Sanet, D.O. as well.

This broad education of Rolf techniques and osteopathy has enabled him to develop his unique methods that he now teaches to others. Today these methods not only include the original 10-session formula for structural integration, but he also uses movement re-education, strain/counterstrain, visceral work, muscle energy, and positional release. His main goal is to get the body to heal itself, and his work has proven that his techniques achieve just that, although he is very humble about his approach to myofacial release.

Myofascial Release workshops in Barrie, Winnipeg and Calgary, 2010

Jenings is definitely a living testimonial of the work he has done. After dealing with two hip replacements, he used his own techniques on himself. He plowed through a tough recovery, but with 20 minute treatments each day in the hospital, he was able to return to work in just three weeks and today barely shows any evidence that he has endured hip replacements. Through his pain, he has also been able to take what he learned and apply it to his work in myofascial release. It gave him a personal understanding of pain and trauma, leading to a softening in his work that enables him to effectively work with individuals who deal with chronic pain.

Before the travel restrictions caused by 9/11, Jenings was holding over 60 seminars each year. Today the number of seminars is increasing once again, with worldwide travel becoming a bit easier, which allows him to travel extensively to both learn and teach. Students comment that Jenings makes even difficult material easy to understand. Not only does he travel to hold seminars, but he also now offers an online training program to teach his methods of myofascial release to therapists that are unable to travel to one of the seminars he teaches. Along with online training programs, Jenings also offers other myofascial release products, including books and DVDs.

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